centre dramatique national

7 avenue Pablo-Picasso

92022 Nanterre Cedex



Reception +33 (0)1 46 14 70 70

Box Office +33 (0)1 46 14 70 00


Philippe Quesne



Solen Le Guen

Deputy Director


Claire Vertanessian



Michaël Petit

Technical & Production Manager


Lorène Claudel

Audience Development Director


Delphine Vuattoux

Executive Production Manager


Audiane Plagiau

Communication Director


Catherine Guillemot

Financial Controller


Fabien Pinson

Head of Payroll


Nathalie Ferreira

Head of Accounts


Magali Bibert

Information Systems Manager

Producing & Receiving

Paola Gilles

Executive Production Officer

p.gilles (at)


Lucas Chardon

Executive Production Officer

l.chardon (at)


Sandra Orain

Production manager

s.orain (at)


Pauline Delaplace

Production assistant

+33 (0)1 46 14 70 45 – p.delaplace (at)

Marketing & Communications

Marie Diatkine

Marketing Officer

m.diatkine (at)


Anne-Claire Gelpi

Communication assistant

ac.gelpi (at)


Sarah Hamidou

Communication assistant

s.hamidou (at)


Audience development

Hélène Lemonnier

In charge of the relations with the public

+33 (0)1 46 14 70 92 – h.lemonnier (at)


Carole Zacharewicz

+33 (0)1 46 14 70 29 – c.zacharewicz (at)


Mathilde Louvain

+33 (0)1 46 14 70 85 – m.louvain (at)


Camille Michel

+33 (0)1 46 14 70 19 – c.michel (at)


Elissa Kollyris

e.kollyris (at)

Front of house & Box Office

Annie Leverrier

Box office and Welcoming Manager


Nina Metz

Box Office Manager


Ève Delamare

Box Office Assistant


Jordan Da Silva

Box Office Assistant


Jérôme Maigret

Welcome Officer


Hamida Djediden

Receptionist and Company Welcoming Coordinator


Chams Dyn Mabrouki

Head Usher


Lucien Bitaux

Athéna Pruneddu

Walid Sakhsoukh

Sihem Sidhoum


And the team of Ushers…

Technical & Production

Jean-Luc Briand

Technical & Production Managers’ Deputy


Jean-Claude Fiems

Cédric Marie

Production Stage Managers


Jean-Louis Ramirez

Head of Stage Operations


Mohamed Chaouih

Joachim Fosset

Hakim Miloudi

Davys de Picquigny

Stage Hands




Pascal Rzeszota

Master Electrician


Pierre Grasset

Mickaël Nodin

Jean‑Christophe Soussi

Lighting Technicians



Alain Gravier

Head of Sound & Video Departments


Théo Ernandorena

Manager Sound & Video 


Élodie Dauguet

Head of scenography and workshop


Ivan Assaël

Head of construction


Marie Maresca

Head of painting


Jérôme Chrétien

Set Carpenter


Pauline Jakobiak



Joao Gomes

Building & Facilities Manager


Alexis Madelin

Maintenance Employee


Silas Batemb Hott,

Léonard Makani



Thérèse Songue

Cleaning Staff