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Begüm Erciyas

© Jenny Beyer

A ping-pong ball arrives on stage, rolls across the floor, and disappears. Other balls join in, rolling, bouncing, stopping, falling from the ceiling, one by one, and then, all at once. In Ballroom, choreographer Begüm Erciyas invents a choreography of a rare poetry, whose magic lies in a study of physical bodies conducted with infinite precision.

9 – 11 March 2018

Begüm Erciyas


Ewa Bankowska, Begüm Erciyas

In collaboration with

Ewa Bankowska, Jenny Beyer, Sigurdur Arent Jonsson


Jetzmann, Lucas Dietrich

Stage management

Rosa Wernecke

Performance times

Friday 8pm

Saturday 7pm

Sunday 4:30pm

Running time

35 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiered 2010 at O Espaco do Tempo, Montemor – O-novo, Portugal.