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Directed by

Tania Bruguera


Samuel Beckett

© Ricardo Castelo

Cuban artist Tania Bruguera directs Beckett’s play Endgame. Everyday language is shattered into pieces in this play where the relationship between the dominator and the dominated repeat and vary endlessly. Tania Bruguera transposes the characters’ power-play to the scenography itself: the audience is placed inside an immense cylinder, looking down into it. The piece reminds us how we can control the servant and the dictator inside each of us.

22 September – 1st October 2017


In association with Le Festival d’Automne à Paris


With support from the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès programme “New Settings”.

Directed by

Tania Bruguera


Samuel Beckett


Dotan Gertler Studio


Brian Mendes, Jess Barbagallo and Miora Dumay, Margaux Guillou, Saralei Klaine, Joseph le Disez, Flavia Lesur, Anton Morisset


Rui Monteiro


Rui Lima, Sergio Martins

Sound Technician

Pedro Lima

Sound recording

Luke Martinez

Technical & Production Manager

Patrícia Gilvaia

Assistants Director

Mitchell Polonsky

Executive Production Manager

Ana Rita Osório

Executive Production Officer

Francisca Aires

Performance times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm

Friday 22 September 9pm

Friday 29 September 7:30pm

Saturday 5pm and 9pm

Sunday 3:30pm and 7pm

Running time

1 hour 20 minutes


Atelier décor


In english with french surtitles


For standing spectators

Premiered 20 April 2017 at “BoCA Biennial” (Lisbonne/Porto).