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Night of the moles

Concept, Staging and Scenography

Philippe Quesne

© Martin Argyroglo

Prehistoric remains, nuclear waste and moles coexist under the ground. The living and the dead, the animal and the inanimate, all rub shoulders without hierarchy; human boundaries no longer apply. The underground was there before man, and it represents his future and destiny. It is in the underground that man takes shelter or conceals himself, being as much a safe haven as a hideout. Theatre itself, sheltered from the light of day, is an art of the caves: where memories of the past merge with possible futures; where illusions are the inverted images of the real. And it is down underground that director and stage designer Philippe Quesne situates his new production. This follows his previous creations, which also conjured up marginal, imaginary zones, where strange beings organised some kind of a life with whatever they had to hand. He conveys the way in which human communities are formed out of convenient, ready-made fictions. The possible lives that his characters invent allow them to share their time and space together, thus collectively arranging a habitable world. In Night of the moles, Philippe Quesne brings together a micro-community of giant moles in an artificial underworld and observes how they get along. They invent a world eerily similar to ours, and construct a practical hideaway from what they can find in the earth – scraps of myths and random, diverse waste. Living together in one space, they arrange themselves as best they can; bringing improvements to their shared lot or else the fear of what may come to pass.

5-26 November 2016


Concept, Staging and Scenography

Philippe Quesne


Yvan Clédat, Jean-Charles Dumay, Léo Gobin, Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher, Sébastien Jacobs, Thomas Suire, Gaëtan Vourc’h


Corine Petitpierre, assisted by Anne Tesson

Dramaturgical team

Léo Gobin, Lancelot Hamelin, Ismael Jude, Smaranda Olcèse

Artistic and Technical Associates

Marc Chevillon, Yvan Clédat, Élodie Dauguet, Abigail Fowler, Thomas Laigle

Nanterre-Amandiers Technical crew

Patrick Bonnereau, Joachim Fosset, Alain Gravier, Pauline Jakobiak, Jean-Christophe Soussi

Nanterre-Amandiers Workshops crew

Michel Arnould, Philippe Binard, Alix Boillot, Jérôme Chrétien, Jean-Pierre Druelle, Fanny Gautreau, Marie Maresca, Myrtille Pichon, Olivier Remy, Claude Sangiorgi

Scenography and set dressing interns

Chloé Chabaud, Juliette Seigneur, Amélie Wellan


Karelle Durand et Lydie Lalaux

Performance times

Wednesday, Friday at 8:30pm

Thursday, Saturday at 7:30pm (except Saturday 5 November at 8:30pm)

Sunday at 3:30pm

Running time

1 hour 20 minutes


Salle transformable

Premiered 6 May 2016 at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels.